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What is Flo?


Flo will light you up Mentally, Physically, Socially and Spiritually.  It is an awesome whole brain, whole body practice in letting go and being present.


Life is a dance--and so is a Flo Session!  We begin and end in stillness, keep chats to a minimum and take deep dives into Flo. 


No matter your age, shape, gender, physical condition or level of skill, in Flo you will experience new freedom and joy on (and off) the dance floor.

Flo is fun, inclusive and gender neutral.  There's no predetermined lead & follow, so you can dance with anyone.   

Move solo or with friends.  Dance or relax.  Go deep or keep it light. 


There are no moves you need to know, only some fundamentals.  Like meditation or yoga, once you learn some basics, you can practice anytime, anywhere, with anyone.  Out into the world and on the dance floor-- It's all Flo! 

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