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Is there an age requirement?

Most MoM events are kid friendly, but clean lyrics are not always a guarantee, unless it's Kid's Council.  Contact your event organizers or instructors if you have questions about a particular dance.

What should I wear?

Whatever you want!   Some choose comfy clothing that will Flo with them--like yoga, athletic or dance wear.  Some wear sweats and T-shirts.   Some wear their favorite funky outfit.  Some wear knee pads for rolling on the floor.  Most go barefoot.  Some wear socks or dance shoes.  (No street shoes please.)  Bottom line, dress to move!      

What if I don't want to dance with someone?

No worries.  As fun and informative as dancing with partners can be, participants are encouraged to give themselves plenty of solo time.  Partnering is always by choice.  You don't have to speak or dance with anyone.  

What if I can't dance?

Oh, you can dance!  In fact, only YOU can move like YOU!  That's the best part!  You do not have to know any particular form, or feel pressured to move like someone else.  You get to be you, in your own groove!  You bring it like no one else can, so bring it!!  :)

What kind of music will there be?

That will vary from event to event.  Most dance sessions build the music in waves using a variety of rhythms and genres.

Can I leave during a dance session?

Totally!   Most MoM events happen in an open or "porous" context.   You can come and go as you please, but just like many other ecstatic dances (or yoga classes, for instance) you are strongly encouraged to begin and end with the group to receive the full benefit of the practice.

Does someone lead the session?


Sometimes.  The amount and type of facilitation varies from dance to dance.  But for the most part, the dance floor is a no talking zone to allow participants space to deepen into their own experience. 

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