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Co-Founder & Minister of Movement

     Justin's love for dance began with break dancing and social dancing with friends in Detroit, MI as a child.  His career in dance began in the early '90's when he moved to Florida to perform at Walt Disney World.  There, he discovered the underground Central Florida rave scene and fell in love with the flowing style of trance/deep house/electronic  music, which helped open his mind/body/spirit connection and launched him on his Spiritual trajectory.

     In 2001 he moved to Colorado and began training as an Instructor in Ballroom/Social dance for Ananda Academy in Boulder.  At the same time, he studied other movement styles like Aikido, Contact Improvisation, Yoga, and Theatre Arts.  Putting it all together, he developed his current favorite style of movement- "FLO"

     He's a graduate of Naropa University and has been an ordained non-denominational minister since 2009.

     Justin believes in you being you, on and off the dance floor.  We may not agree on things like God or the meaning of Life, but we can agree that people moving together is essential if we are to thrive.  He's passionate about family, community, and being present.




Co-Founder & Minister of Movement

Logan has always loved movement and dance, yet it was not until 4 years ago that he stepped into the practice with a sense of freedom and joy. Growing up in the '00 rave scene, dancing was never free...It was seemingly always performative and Logan developed a sense of shame around his body and the way he perceived he could move compared to others. From this place his movement stalled. In 2019 after moving to Boulder Co, he was introduced to Rhythm Sanctuary where his heart, body, mind and soul were blasted open by the freedom of movement in the space that gave him full permission to be himself and move in the ways tat felt good!  

In 2020 Logan met Justin and was inspired by him to help start what would become the Ministry of Movement while obtaining his Mater's in Applied Psychophysiology.

Utilizing experiential and scholarly knowledge of the mind and body, Logan has developed a deep sense of truth, trust, and freedom within his movements that he believes anyone can achieve through commitment & consistency to showing up. He believes that while it's powerful to move/dance alone, moving and dancing with others in community is much more so! Dancing with our emotions, struggles, love and each other is one of the best ways to move with and through what we are experiencing alone and as a collective. Dance Is Prayer!!


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